The brain of the dispensing system

Our System Controllers are the culmination of more than 25 years of application know-how and our enduring commitment to delivering the very highest quality. Our goal is to offer a straightforward user experience, which reduces complexity, training requirements and set-up time both when working and when programming your adhesive systems.

SYS 600: Easy Control Over Essential Applications

Many customers who are introducing automation to their dispensing processes require a basic system controller to support them with their tasks. With the SYS 600, it is easy to set up, operate and maintain the most common applications for adhesives and sealants across a number of different processes. 

Basic Adhesive Bonding

High viscosity adhesives are usually applied in a heated state. With the SYS 600, material temperature and applied bead volume are precisely controlled.

Reliable Sealing

Liquid sealants are applied with the clean and consistent flatstream application. This stable process effectively shields parts against corrosion.

SYS 6000: Ideal Control in Harsh Environments

In a production environment where adhesive systems have to perform around the clock, the microcontroller-based SYS 6000 system controller is a common choice. High precision electric shot meters, basic pneumatic meters and endless dispensing flow meters may be connected to cover a wide range of applications.

Process Stability

The application of any type of adhesive or sealant is automatically optimized for quality, thereby minimizing possible disturbances. This helps to prevent errors, which in the worst case scenario could otherwise result in production downtime.

Versatile Application Range

Equipped with the corresponding specialized components, a SYS 6000 controlled system is able to confidently cover dispensing applications where quality requirements are high and productivity is crucial..

ASC 5000: Full Line Integration

The ASC 5000 PC-based system controller is an additional advancement to meet our customer requirements for adhesive applications in larger system networks. The system offers maximum flexibility. Its modular design makes the ASC 5000 easy to adapt to customer specifications and production conditions.

High Process Transparency

A user-friendly menu system displays fundamental production status conditions. An integrated online measurement function provides visibility of all application parameters for fault analysis.

High-End Performance

Especially in high performance seam sealing, where cycle times are at a minimum and bead quality has to be flawless, the ASC 5000 is the system controller many customers chose. The main advantages are its extremely dynamic dispensing capabilities and a close regulation of material temperature and viscosity.

Global Installed Base

SYS 600

New system

SYS 6000

12,500+ systems

ASC 5000

2,500+ systems