Shaping the final result

Of all dispensing system components, nozzles can offer the greatest variety depending on individual application requirements. Ultimately, the type of nozzle that is selected in combination with the applicator determines the material's dispensing pattern.

Years of research and development as well as close interaction with our customers’ processes have produced numerous innovations. Many of them are in the field of shaping the final material application to best suit process requirements. A nozzle is primarily selected based on bead geometry. 

Nozzle Types


The most traditional form of dispensing adhesive and sealant materials: either as a rope or dots

Shaped Bead

Triangular dispensing shape, ideal for bonding and sealing of windscreens


For dispensing high quantities of material in a wide pattern; very common in sound deadening applications


Mostly used when dispensing in hem flange areas to achieve the ideal material distribution