The source of metering accuracy

The meter is a dispensing system’s core component. It regulates the material flow from material supply to the application. The ideal metering technology is chosen, according to the dispensing process and its requirements.

Shot Meters: As Precise As It Gets

Shot meters are the most frequently used metering technology supplied by Atlas Copco IAS. They have a fixed volume material chamber, which is emptied by a volumetric dispensing unit. The piston or displacer is driven either pneumatically or electrically, enabling precise dispensing regardless of material viscosity.

Volume Controlled Application

Electric shot meter technology allows precise volume control for applications, achieving an accuracy of up to ±1%. An accurate volume control optimizes the amount of adhesive or sealant material that is dispensed, reducing waste.

Full Process Control

In combination with our System Controllers, it is possible to perform data collection, diagnostics and statistics, thus enabling precise monitoring and tracking history. Events and alarms are also available to streamline production and minimize unexpected downtime.

Excellent Abrasiveness Handling

Shot meters are an excellent choice when working with abrasive materials. Due to their construction design, shot meters  provide a longer life-cycle compared to other techniques, such as gear meters. 

Available Configurations

Single-component materials, such as silicone sealants, UV-curable acrylates, polyurethanes and epoxies, are primarily chosen for their ease of use. However, they have longer curing times unless additional energy is employed.

Typically used due to  their fast curing nature, two-component materials require specialized metering, mixing and dispensing systems. Atlas Copco IAS provides fully automated two-component dispensing solutions that can be integrated into production lines. Tandem metering is also available for two components applications.

In some applications, it is necessary to process large quantities of sealing and insulating material with high precision. In order to avoid cycle interruptions during refilling, tandem units are used. The tandem metering unit consists of two single metering units working side-by-side. Intelligent swap logic ensures that material is applied in a constant flow.

Technical Highlights

Meter sizes up to

2100 cm³

Precise control of

±1% accuracy

Heat materials up to

160° C