Adhesive and sealant applications in the Transportation industry

The transportation segment is characterized by its wide product range. Various vehicles types, such as commercial vehicles as well as agricultural vehicles and trailers, have to withstand the strains of frequent use in additional to high load and stress levels. To ensure that the adhesive materials used in the manufacturing of these vehicles are able to fulfill these high requirements, Atlas Copco IAS offers a wide range of manual and automatic solutions for precise and flexible dispensing.

Application Examples

  • Trailers, caravans, agricultural vehicles and driver’s cabins
  • Structural bonds with 2C materials
  • Seam sealing and sound damping

Key Benefits

  • Effortless application of one- or multi-component material, specially middle and high viscosity material
  • The perfect balance between flexibility and productivity
  • Potential for high material savings, compared with the standard metering systems available on the market