Adhesive and sealant applications in the Final Assembly segment

Despite the limited amount of adhesive and sealant applications, this segment has one of the most known applications: windscreen preparation and bonding.

Windscreen Preparation


Permanently adhering almost anything to a porous substrate such as windscreen, can be challenging. The problem is that, because the substrate is porous, it will absorb the adhesive and shorten the usable life. The solution is to perform surface treatment with cleaner and primer.

During windscreen preparation, cleaner and primer are applied at automated stations. Windows are then ready for a subsequent application of polyurethane (PUR).

Windscreen Bonding


Many carmakers have turn to automated windscreen bonding to keep up with high production cycles rates and to ensure optimum visual appearance. A precise application is crucial to avoid the adhesive squeeze-out which leads to unnecessary rework and reduced end-user satisfaction.

Our rotary drive is commonly used for the application of 1 or 2 components where a triangular-shaped bead has to be applied. Because constant contact with the windscreen is necessary, the rotary drive is an ideal solution due to its adjustable height.

Roof Stiffening


The roof panel tends to vibrate due to its size and therefore must be reinforced. Either stiffening material is applied to the inner surface of the roof panel or a special roof stiffener mat is coated and then bonded into the vehicle.