Adhesive and sealant applications in the appliances industry

End customers in the appliances or white goods industry place high importance on the energy efficiency, noise damping qualities, and aesthetics of their products. Liquid sound damping employs a new generation of sound deadening materials, which can be applied quickly and cleanly using our solutions. High-quality, accurate visible seals may also be applied during final assembly, thereby eliminating requirements for masking and post-treatment work.

Application Examples

  • Stoves, dish washers, refrigerators and washing machines
  • Structural and assembly bonding
  • Sound damping and insulation

Key Benefits

  • Liquid sound damping material is a clean and cost-efficient alternative compared to manual application of bitumen mats
  • No visible seams requiring post treatment
  • Basic metering technology already offers high dispensing quality

Sound Deadening in Dishwashers


With the advances in insulating materials such as water-based acrylate, process automation has become an attractive option. The cost reductions through reduced labor, fewer quality defects and improved performance is making many producers more competitive in the market.

Watch Atlas Copco IAS applying a water-based acrylate on a dishwasher door.