Precision is our business.
Exceptional quality is the result.

Atlas Copco IAs is driven to become the global leader in adhesive, dispensing and metering technologies in all relevant market segments, by concentrating on what has underpinned the company’s success: the details.

Our commitment to precision is rooted in industry-leading technical expertise that develops some of the most productive and cost-saving solutions on the market. This forms the basis for the close relationships we share with our customers and offers excellent opportunities for our cooperation partners.

Our team is united by a passion to innovate and a dedication to produce systems that deliver unrivalled equipment control and flawless production capabilities.

How do we get there?

Constant Development

Constant innovations help our customers with their challenges. By testing processes in our Innovation Centers, we are able to introduce new solutions that not only perfectly fit our customer's applications, but accommodate the future-oriented technologies they need. 

Through ongoing expansion of our product range we are continually raising the bar on quality and productivity — striving to develop the absolute best adhesive systems.

Global Growth

Globalization is an important ingredient of our growth and it is important to our customers around the world. Through a network of Customer, Application and Innovation Centers we are near our customers.

Atlas Copco IAS teams work closely with customers to develop the best solutions for their application needs, taking into account the intricacies of both international and local markets. And the wide reach of our global customer services ensure that customers get the very most from their systems, now and for years to come.