A journey shaped by innovation

Through decades of innovation in dispensing and metering technology we have created a rich company history. We have grown to become one of the leaders in our field and our story is still being written.


Since its establishment as SCA in 1986 with four employees, our company has grown into a global leader in the metering and dispensing technologies field. Only three years after launching the company, SCA had already created its first volume flow controlled dispensing systems. By 2001, the company had established centers in Spain, Great Britain, the U.S., Brazil and China. These were expanded to South Korea, Japan and Mexico over the next decade.

In 2011, SCA became part of the Atlas Copco Group and global growth accelerated further. We now have more than 450 employees in about 30 countries and post annual sales in excess of MEUR 140. We are one of the world leaders in many market segments.

Automotive segmentation

Our metering and dispensing solutions are employed in many important phases of automotive production. In this industry, Atlas Copco IAs first established its reputation as an adhesives specialist. Today, our metering and dispensing solutions extend from initial car-body construction to engine sealants and external parts. To aid our customers, our automotive offering is divided among four basic segments: body-in-white, paint shop, powertrain and final assembly.

New markets after Atlas Copco acquisition

Following the acquisition of SCA from the Atlas Copco Group, the company expanded into the general industries segment.

Atlas Copco IAS has expanded its sales and service to the suppliers for the automotive industry as well as to non-automobile customers in transportation, such as trailer, caravan and agricultural vehicle makers. We also support production processes for domestic appliances and other white-goods.

Global expansion

Atlas Copco's vision is to become and remain First in Mind—First in Choice® of its customers and other key stakeholders. This means becoming a leader, and becoming the first company you choose as a business partner or employer.

At Atlas Copco IAS, we are proud of our leading global position in the metering and dispensing field. Our cooperation with Atlas Copco has enabled us to strengthen this position, through an extensive sales and service network serving more than 180 markets across the globe.