After school comes the start of your career – your start at Atlas Copco IAS!

Study course at the dual university

Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Engineering Program

Industrial engineers are in high demand. Your know-how links technology with management. You learn how to understand and evaluate technical and business contexts. The study course has an international focus, offers oversea trips and provides selected courses in English. 

The structure

A three month theory block at the "Duale Hochschule Karlsruhe" alternates with a three month practical block at Atlas Copco IAS in Bretten. The foundation course teaches basic manual and mechanical skills at a nearby external  partner.

After this you will get to know all technical and administrative departments. This gives you an early introduction to the culture, organization and internal processes at Atlas Copco IAS. Your colleagues will give you the opportunity to independently work on projects. The aim is to find out in which department you could imagine working in after your studies.  This is the field in which you will concentrate during the main part of your course.  

>Structure of the course

The key

  • High school graduation or advanced technical collage certificate including passed admissions test 
  • Technical understanding
  • Interest in economic contexts
  • Fluent in English
    (written and spoken)
  • Good team spirit
  • Flexibility
  • Willingness to work

Areas of work

Industrial engineers are mostly needed in inter-departmental areas such as project management or sales - mostly there where engineers and sales representatives meet.  

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