Study dual. Benefit twice.

Theoretical basics and practical experiences reunited in one.

Only after a short time you are optimally prepared for a career at Atlas Copco IAS. We appreciate the special theory-practice-combination and support you on your dual way.

Interested? Then please take a look which dual studies is suitable to you.

For a long-term connection

  • Financial support during the whole studies
  • Familiar atmosphere connected with the structures of an international successful company
  • Your supervisor is always available for you. Always.
  • You assist early in international, exciting projects. There, we do not know a pardon.
  • International focus and the possibility of assignments abroad
  • Worldwide at home: You can look forward to the opportunity to be appointed at our international sites.
  • Best chances for a takeover after your studies. Finally we are well versed in long-term bonds.