Enhance your dispensing system performance and capabilities

With increased demands on production processes in terms of quality and productivity, many manufacturers require dispensing solutions with even higher quality assurance. To meet these demands, Atlas Copco IAS offers specialized options that enhance standard adhesive system capabilities.

Peltier Conditioning System

Adhesive sealing and damping materials must be dispensed at a constant temperature for a uniform application result. To ensure consistent material properties and reliable application all year round, Atlas Copco IAS offers temperature regulation by Peltier Conditioning Systems.

Stable Application Quality

The right material application temperature is ensured at all times, independent of production floor temperature fluctuation. Application quality remains unchanged throughout the year.

Avoid Winter/Summer Material Change

Material viscosity slightly varies with each batch. In ASC 5000 controlled systems, a Peltier Conditioning System eliminates the effects these inconsistencies can have on application quality.

Vision System

Structural bonding is typically used when high tensile strength and rigidity are required, which is very common in safety critical applications. Joints can be classified as safety critical if failure of the bonding might be dangerous for the product user. To monitor and meet the strictest quality standards, without sacrificing productivity, Atlas Copco IAS has introduced the Vision System delivering superior quality control.

Reduced Quality Costs

Because the Vision System is integrated into the application head, quality issues are immediately detected. Follow-up costs, such as rework or scrap production, are minimized.

High Productivity Levels

The Vision System is an inline process monitoring system and therefore does not require additional cycle time. High image processing frequency works in conjunction with the fastest robot speeds. To avoid rework-time, the system provides automatic bead repair functionality, so quality issues can be fixed when they appear.