The heart of the dispensing system

Pumps play an important role in supporting the entire dispensing system by supplying material exactly when it is needed. A reliable and robust pump can increase production uptime, while reducing maintenance costs.

All our pumps are designed for a long operational life and to minimize stress on the adhesives and sealants they handle.

Standard Material Supply

Single or Double Barrel

Our pumps are available in either single or double barrel configurations. Double barrel models enable convenient replacement of material barrels, without disrupting production. In automatic mode, a double barrel pump switches to a second, full barrel when the first runs empty. In the heated version, when there is 10% material remaining for the active pump, the standby pump starts to heat the second barrel ensuring effortless transition.

Displacement Pump

Our UP165 displacement pump with pneumatic drive delivers up to 165 cm³ of material per double stroke with a 1:57 pressure ratio. For larger delivery volumes and hot epoxies, the UP301 model is recommended. This pump is equipped with an additional heating circuit, which prevents residual material from hardening on the piston rod and significantly extends the service life of the pump’s seals.

Technical Highlights

Pump up to

342 Bar

Heat up to

200º C

Displaced volume up to

1200 cm³ / double stroke