The ideal standalone dispensing solution for adhesives and sealants

Our compact dispensing cells are the ideal solution for dispensing tasks where quality, productivity and floor space are deciding factors. Based on our process know-how we have developed a one-stop shop for a complete dispensing solution - We call it Adhera.

Adhera - Turnkey Solution

Our compact dispensing cell has been developed for processing small to medium-size parts that require adhesives or sealants. Based on the flexible cell concept, Adhera makes changing production tools and programs quick and easy. A variety of different carriers can be accessed directly on the table, allowing for a broad range of different product parts to be processed with only minor adjustments. 

Complete Solution

The dispensing cell is delivered as a turnkey solution containing everything that is needed to provide best dispensing quality.

Compact Size

Floor space is limited in many factories all around the world. Our compact cell makes the most of the available floor space through its small footprint.

Adhera - modular sizes

Adhera - actors

for 2D applications

Gantry system

for 3D applications